Friday, June 14, 2013

SUYL: Singles; Meet Jordon!!

I am so excited to be linking up with Kelly's Korner today!  The last few times that Kelly has had Singles Day, I have thought about this girl right here:

 This is Jordon!!  She is 22 years old and a Senior Early Childhood Education Major at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.  She will graduate in May 2014, and will officially be a teacher of young children!  She is going to be an amazing teacher!  I don't even remember the first time that I met Jordon, but I do know it was at church.  Jordon and her family have attended the same church as I do for several years.  She has the sweetest family ever!  
(Jordon is on the far right in the orange dress).

Jordon's dad is a farmer and she loves to hang out with him on the farm.  I would describe Jordon as a "girly-girl" that's not one bit afraid of getting dirty!!:)  She might be dolled up and looking adorable one second, but hanging out on the tractor or messing with animals the next (still looking adorable, of course)!
 Jordon's mom, Missy, was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago.  Jordon did everything she could to help take care of her mom and get her to appointments.  It was during that time that I realized what a special family Jordon's family was.  I don't even know if Jordon knew how many people were watching her and admiring her for her strength during that time.  Like I said, Jordon is 22, but she is so much more responsible and mature than most 22 year old girls that I know!  I'm telling you---I am 34 and when I'm talking to Jordon, I feel like I am talking to someone my age!!  I forget that there are 12 years between us!  Haha!  (Or maybe I am just in denial that I am getting OLD)!  

Jordon and her mom at Race for the Cure:)

Jordon and her brothers:)

If there is one thing that I know about Jordon, it is that she LOVES her Daddy!  Her dad has been a wonderful example of what Jordon wants to find in her future husband.  I've talked to Jordon a couple of times about dating and relationships.  It's very evident that Jordon knows exactly what she wants and I truly admire her for standing strong in that area.  Jordon is very passionate about finding someone who will be a strong Christian leader in their home.  She is looking for someone that is a hard worker, family oriented, has a good education, and loves children!

Jordon is such a fun-loving girl!  She loves Jesus more than anything else, and it shows!  She is not only beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside as well!  She has a heart for God that I only wish I would have had at her age!  She loves the elderly and kids, of course (that's kind of a
 pre-requisite to becoming a teacher) Haha!  She has the voice of an angel.  This girl can SING, y'all!  I remember the first time that I heard her sing at church.  It literally brought me to tears. The Lord has given her a talent that allows her to lead people to worship Him.  Beautiful...just beautiful.

I could go on and on about what an amazing girl that Jordon is, but I would be here all night!  The bottom line is this:  whoever God has chosen for Jordon (whether it be someone that finds her through Kelly's Korner or somewhere else), he is gonna be one happy fella!!  I can't wait to see where the Lord takes this girl!

If you are interested in getting to know Jordon or know someone who might be just leave me a comment here or you can email me at


  1. Angie - I got your comment on my blog post about my brother. Can you email me? Thanks!!! Jennifer

    1. I saw you had an email address here too - I will shoot you an email. :)